Tax Tips

At the risk of offending 52% of my readership, I will nail my colours to the mast: ich bin ein Remainer. Which is why I was in a particularly reflective mood, following the outcome last week, to consider some of the taxation impacts of leaving the EU.

Talking about the car wash, yeah

I visited my local car wash this week, and they showed me a large screw in my offside rear tyre. So, I asked if they could repair it, and they said yes.

As many of you will know from the January edition of this missive: “… Bob Law, CEO of Langdowns DFK, is stepping down from his position after 39 years at the firm … Bob will continue on at the firm until his retirement on the 30th April …”.

In the age-old tradition of making my Tax Tips topical, I have today received notification that my consent order has been approved by a family law court. For those of you happily oblivious to such terminology, a consent order is a financial contract that is voluntarily and jointly agreed by a divorcing couple, to finalise all financial obligations arising from their marriage.

This week, I am back from witnessing the seething cauldron known as the ‘Night Race’. No, not the mad clamour to get tax returns submitted on time, but one from my bucket list: a floodlit world cup slalom ski event at Schladming in Austria, where 55,000 very excitable Austrians annually create a magical atmosphere, trying to roar home the national hero Marcel Hirscher.