Langdowns DFK Cloud Accounting

Langdowns DFK Cloud Accounting Flow ChartWe believe that accounting is evolving, revolutionising the way it works, and therefore we are changing with it. With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the Langdowns DFK Cloud. It is powered by secure, powerful and tried-and-tested technology, so you can be confident in the systems you are working with. Our cloud solution incorporates all the key accounting tools that we think will aid you and your business today and in tomorrow’s world.

Data has always been and always will be the fundamental information that accountancy is built on. Our cloud is therefore founded on three key pillars which all revolve around data. Not everybody will need each of these solutions, but they are available for you as and when your business needs them.


The Xero bookkeeping package provides you with a highly automated and intuitive basic accounts function. Xero seeks to use basic artificial intelligence to simplify the process of keeping on top of your day-to-day activities.

Using its simple invoicing system, you can raise sales invoices and send them directly to your customers, with a clear audit trail of when everything was done. You can even set automated reminders for chasing payments! You can do as little or as much as you like in Xero, secure in the knowledge that we are right here to support you.

Purchase Invoice Processing

Capturing purchase invoice information and receipts can be a time consuming and laborious task; therefore, what better task to automate and use computers to do the hard work for! We have teamed up with Receipt Bank to enable data capturing in a fast and straightforward manner.

All of the invoice details are scanned and by linking with Xero, can be automatically entered once allocation has been identified. A copy of the invoice is automatically attached to the entry in Xero, meaning that you only have one place that you need to go to access any details. Receipt Bank can even go one step further and will actually ‘fetch’ your invoices from certain online providers, so you don’t have to do the tedious task of logging in to download an invoice. If you want to take your data processing to the next level, then iCompleat can provide electronic multi-person approval to help manage multi-department organisations.

Analysis & Output

So what do you do with all this wonderful data once it’s been processed? Obviously, there are the compliance tasks that you have to undertake, such as processing your VAT return. But can you do something more? Of course you can! Data analysis is becoming an ever more important requirement for businesses. Understanding and interrogating your data can provide you with business-changing insights that can take your company to the next level.

For this type of analysis, we use Futrli. Futrli provides a bespoke dashboard and reporting function that empowers your decision making, by enabling you to see what is happening in your business in an instant, whilst making informed forecasts for the future.

How we help

Langdowns DFK bring all of these functions together in an efficient and productive process. We enable you to focus on your business, but with the knowledge and confidence that Langdowns DFK are looking after your finances, providing you with business-critical insights when you need them.

Call us on 023 8061 3000 or email to find out how you and your business can benefit from the Langdowns DFK Cloud.