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Dec 1, 2012 | Uncategorized

December brings a Christmas greeting from Santa ‘Laws’, Bob Law, CEO of Langdowns DFK who looks back at the successes of 2012 and the prospects of 2013. Merry Christmas from everyone at Langdowns DFK!

They say “time flies when you are enjoying yourself” and sure enough Christmas is once again just around the corner.  But, I fear that the lingering economic uncertainty has probably not added to our enjoyment of the last 11 months or so. It would be very easy to dwell on the latest Bank of England economic summary of business conditions but suffice it to say, that certainly wouldn’t make the weeks flash by until Santa pays his annual visit to your street!

Thank goodness then, that we can look forward to a new Governor of the Bank of England, who was introduced as “A fiscal & economic Rock Star” when being named as Canadian of the Year, in May. Well done, George “Ozzy” Osbourne. Quite a catch!

So, what of the year that has just flashed by, economics apart? A Previous Blogger from Langdowns DFK, quite rightly, waxed lyrical about the spirit of the London Olympics and in particular the extraordinary contribution made by the army of volunteer Games Makers and how they should inspire us all to go beyond the ordinary expectations that we set ourselves.

Then of course, were the extraordinary performances of the Olympians and Paralympians themselves. And staying with the sporting theme, what about Bradley Wiggins, our Tour de France champion, the Ryder Cup triumph, and, at last, we have an Open Tennis Champion in Andy Murray!

And finally, just as Autumn turns to winter, and we thought it was all over, England managed to destroy the mighty All Blacks with a blistering performance at Twickenham!

Some world class individual performances but perhaps the most telling theme to emerge is the incredible power of outstanding team work – something that we can all apply to our own businesses!

So, what is there to look forward to in the coming months?
By the time you read this, George will have made his pre budget announcements (5th December) and is likely to have launched new anti tax avoidance legislation as well as measures to make sure “the rich” pay more tax. Be warned, his definition of “rich” may not be the same as yours and mine! Happy Christmas to you too, George.
Be sure to read our commentary on the pre budget announcements and what they mean for you, in due course on our website at www.langdownsdfk.com

Earlier today, I saw an online article listing “10 free things to do over Christmas”. I’ll not share the whole list (or my disappointment at the content!). From the sublime to the ridiculous? You be the judge….top of the list and most traditional was the carol services at St Pauls Cathedral on 23rd and 24th December – free and unticketed. Creeping in at number 10 was the Brighton Swimming Club’s annual dash into the sea on Christmas morning. Something “you must do once in your lifetime” apparently? It occurs to me that it could be the last thing you do!

For the more technologically minded, and musically inclined, you will be pleased to know that iTunes, first launched in January 2001 is at last getting a major update with the launch of iTunes11. Mark Carney will no doubt be pleased.

Good Lord! The Pope joins Twitter!
Yes, for the tweeters amongst you, you will be delighted to know that from10th December, you will be able to tweet the Pope (@Pontifex). At the risk of displaying my virtual ignorance of “Tweetland”, I can’t help wondering, if you tweet His Holiness and he responds, does this mean that the Pope is “following” you? Hmnnnn….

So, what does 2013 have in store for us? Well, 12 months ago not many of us would have forecast the outstanding events of 2012. It may not bring about the end of the “after recession”, but let’s hope it brings the beginning of the end! Cue the Rock Star!

Best wishes from all at Langdowns DFK for the festive season and beyond.

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