Tax Tips

Like many organisations HMRC are trying to embrace all things digital, with their current plans called ‘Making Tax Digital’ (MTD). The innovation of MTD has been building for years and has actually been implemented successfully in other countries already. The real question is “How is this going to affect me?”

Over the last few years the Government have introduced legislation to discourage ownership of buy to let properties, starting with the additional stamp duty (extra 3% on the entire purchase), to the most recent tapering of interest rate relief on loans. However, many of us still like the idea of investing in property and the perceived certainty of bricks & mortar, so is there an alternative that has been somewhat overlooked?

At the risk of offending 52% of my readership, I will nail my colours to the mast: ich bin ein Remainer. Which is why I was in a particularly reflective mood, following the outcome last week, to consider some of the taxation impacts of leaving the EU.

Talking about the car wash, yeah

I visited my local car wash this week, and they showed me a large screw in my offside rear tyre. So, I asked if they could repair it, and they said yes.

As many of you will know from the January edition of this missive: “… Bob Law, CEO of Langdowns DFK, is stepping down from his position after 39 years at the firm … Bob will continue on at the firm until his retirement on the 30th April …”.