Tax Tips

So, what exactly is 'business travel', and how is it affected by a potential 'non-business' element to the trip? That question cropped up last month, during attendance at the Langdowns DFK owner's strategic planning weekend. A full-on 48 hour session, packed with content to do with succession issues, office locations, 5 year outline plans and the like.

You may have spotted us at a few of Hampshire’s train stations during the last week of Wimbledon, handing out our English Summer-inspired sweets, along with the opportunity to win a luxury seasonal hamper.

If you can’t avoid death, at least avoid the tax on death!

Over the last 10 months we've had many teams competing for the title of the Langdowns DFK Fantasy Football League Champion 2015. The competition has been fierce but there can only be one winner.

I delivered SIR GRL for its MOT earlier today. According to Regtransfers, the SIR registration “… is represented by the letters S12 and … will certainly get you noticed …”, as evidenced by their pictorial association with Churchill (the politician, not the dog). I’m not convinced it actually gets me any more noticed: there’s been a couple of ‘keying’ incidents, but I’ve always thought that’s because people regard parking a car with the roof down as a little ostentatious, rather than because I am purporting to be a knight of the realm ...