Tax Tips

Well March doesn’t really need any introduction, as Graeme Lovell gives his own particular insight to skiing and the potential for saving tax.

Now you might be confused by thinking this is a reference to a well-known Meatloaf song dating back to the 70’s (“he can’t be that old” I hear you cry) but no, I am of course referring back here to my predictions made earlier this year in my January Blog.

December brings a Christmas greeting from Santa ‘Laws’, Bob Law, CEO of Langdowns DFK who looks back at the successes of 2012 and the prospects of 2013. Merry Christmas from everyone at Langdowns DFK!

Throughout the year tax is the burden every individual and business has to suffer. In our July blog Tax Director, Graeme Lovell looks at the recent tax saving news making the headlines of even the national press. Graeme would be delighted to speak to anyone looking to lower their tax liability.

comes from Neil Raynsford, Portfolio Director for Langdowns DFK. Neil works with all kinds of SMEs and specialises in international businesses, and is the firm’s representative for the DFK International Association of Accountants.