VAT is a complex and often misunderstood part of the tax system.  Our specialist department includes nationally renowned VAT expert Neil Owen, who lectures and writes extensively on all aspects of the tax.

As your accountants, we look at all tax-saving opportunities and VAT, surprisingly for some, can often be one of them.

Finance executives too often overlook indirect taxes, yet VAT is one of the largest components of a company’s tax burden. It is a substantial and ever increasing cost, yet in most cases, with good advice, VAT savings can be made.

VAT is a tax that is constantly developing. Changes to the VAT system occur partly because of amendments to legislation and partly because of the way that the courts interpret the law. Keeping up to date with all of the rules is a difficult, but essential task, as even innocent errors can result in harsh penalties.

Our hugely experienced VAT team has an expert understanding of the rules and their application. We provide effective advice in dealing with complex issues, will answer your VAT-related questions and keep you informed of developments in VAT legislation and HM Revenue & Customs policy.

Our VAT services also include:

  • VAT Healthchecks
  • Support during and after HM Revenue & Customs visits
  • Help regarding VAT in Europe