Retirement planning

“The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.“

Abe Lemons

Research shows that an increasing number of individuals are failing to put away sufficient funds to enable them to retire at the time and in the manner of their choosing.

Whilst retirement may not currently be high on your priority list, it is important that your take the necessary steps during your Journey through life to ensure that you will have the freedom and the financial means to achieve the retirement you dream of when the time comes.

Sit down with your Langdowns DFK retirement team and tell us about your retirement hopes and dreams.  Once we’ve got a complete understanding we’ll  put together your personalised retirement planning strategy.

We’ll consider many issues when producing your retirement strategy, including:

  • Your vision of retirement
  • Your age and the number of years before retirement.
  • Do you have a company pension scheme?
  • Are you self-employed?
  • How much can you invest for your retirement?
  • How much state pension will you receive?

To start planning the retirement you want to have, give us a call to arrange a chat and a coffee.