Operating a payroll function inhouse takes time and places an unnecessary burden on many businesses. PAYE, National Insurance, Statutory Sick Pay, Maternity Pay, Working Families Tax Credits, auto-enrolment, penalties for late payment...the world of payroll management is full of complications.

No surprise then, that even in these days of automation, many organisations are finding it easier and more efficient to contract out their payroll processing to a specialist bureau.
With payroll services in Basingstoke, Southampton and Andover, the Langdowns DFK Payroll team can provide the following services whenever and wherever you need us:

  • maintain a payroll database in your organisation's name
  • optional management of payment process
  • complete all the necessary calculations
  • prepare and send out accompanying documentation, including:
    • security payslips
    • salary schedules (showing gross pay, deductions, net pay, etc.)
    • P45s/P60s
    • completed PAYE/NI payslips
    • an explanatory letter if necessary
    • RTI and  year-end submissions

Contact us today to find out how we can reduce the hassle and paperwork associated with employing staff.