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Many are equally controlling, but maybe just to a less extent. However, there is one area that people often shy away from that control, which is death and in particular the writing of a will. This is mainly because we just don’t like to think about it!

There are a number of expenses that you can claim whilst travelling abroad for business that you otherwise wouldn't be able to in the UK. Graeme Lovell, Tax Director at Langdowns DFK, explains.

Langdowns DFK’s Ross Garfitt, Toby Nicol, Rob Bellerby, Kate Jennings and Clare Collings will be saddling up for this year’s Nelson’s Tour de Test Valley – a cycling event in memory of pro snowboarder and keen cyclist, Nelson Pratt, who tragically died in 2012.

As I slipped over into my 50s at the start of the year (yes, yes, I know, I don’t look it!), I realised I’ve been doing this job now for over 30 years! In those years I’ve dealt with many different sized businesses, covering many different business activities, and if there’s one recurring theme that bridges all, it is SUCCESSION.

Having worked with a wide range of different sized businesses over the years, advising them a variety of tax-related queries, a surprisingly common question I get asked is “How do I preserve an entitlement to Entrepreneurs’ Relief, when you want someone to exit the business in a hurry, terminate their employment or directorship, but not sell the shares until a future point in time?”

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