Tax Tips

September sees Graeme Lovell return to the blog scene, as he looks at how HMRC have tried to promote the benefits of completing your tax return well ahead of the filing deadline. As well as some quirky advertising ideas for HMRC… If you can come up with something better tweet us @langdownsdfk

This August David Ings takes a brief look back to life 60th years and the new fangled ideas back then…

Graham Taylor takes a look at an area that we are succeeding in, but it wouldn’t be England without concerns ahead.

Will a lucky side win the World Cup? Planning, Strategy, Goals and Objectives are all part of a successful approach, whether you are a football team or a business.

Regular readers may recall my last blog entry – May 2013 - when I made one of the biggest leaps of my career and became one of seven owners of Langdowns DFK (I'll let you decide which of the seven dwarfs I am!)